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published: January 19th, 2012

January-February 2012

Sunrise in Puerto Morelos

NEWS POST – January-February 2012

During the month of February, there are various colorful Carnivals that are being held in the Yucatan Peninsula, in the cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Valladolid, Merida and other small communities in the area.

From February 23rd to 26th, the annual PGA Golf Classic Tournament is being held at the “El Camaleon” Golf Club at Mayakoba located along the beautiful coast of the Riviera Maya, only 15 minutes drive south of Puerto Morelos.  If you can’t be here for the event, it can be seen on your GOLF Channel back home.

The Year 2012 started with a positive spin as everyone around the world focuses on the end of the Mayan Calendar, but the local Mayans don’t  believe it signals the end of the world.  It does perhaps signal  social, economic, political and financial global changes that will culminate by the end of this year.

The New Age interpretation is that we are currently in the fourth and final age of the Modern period of mankind and the end of this year marks the start of a time in which earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation to an evolutionary change.  Mayans hold a positive attitude towards these changes.  Whatever the answer, the event has created lots of global buzz but the Mayans do not seem to be concerned regarding what may mark the beginning of a new era.

Each year offers more and more  learning opportunities and activities around the town of Puerto Morelos and returning visitors always look forward to discovering what is going on.  Especially exciting are the artistic activities sponsored both by the Casa de la Cultura and by various local art galleries.

Music Festival

Music Festival 2012

The 7th annual Festival of Music will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from January 26th-28th and again February 2-4, 2012. This is a yearly event for Puerto Morelos and we invite you to enjoy this free activity which is held at the town square.

On Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00 p.m. our local resident, Andres Uscanga, will perform Mexican songs and talent that comes from the bottom of his soul.


Puerto Morelos Spanish Language School

Summer Student 2011 The Puerto Morelos Spanish Language School continues to grow with more and more students, both young and old, taking advantage of this program to learn conversational Spanish. The students take advantage of this unique learning experience and the feeling of accomplishment they attain as they  practice their new language skills with local residents.

For details about the qualified instructors and how to register for the program, see our  Puerto Morelos Language Center page.

For students who are looking for accommodations, there are many rental properties that give  our students a special discount to the students and these include:  Abbey del Sol, Hotel Amar Inn, Boutique Hotel Inglaterra, Hostal Secreto, Apartments Eden and the Casita KinSol in the Colonia on the other side of the highway. Students can also be accommodated in a Family Host.  For more info, contact us.

Alma Libre Bookstore

Be sure to check out the full selection of English books available at the Alma Libre Bookstore. Open daily, see the Alma Libre web site for more info.

Little Mexican Cooking School

Looking for a different adventure during your stay in Puerto Morelos?  The Little Mexican Cooking School has relocated on Avenida Rojo Gomez No.768 at Casa Caribe.  Their authentic cooking classes continue to be held twice a week.  See their web site.

Wet Set Diving Adventures

Diving, Fishing and Snorkeling is a popular activity along the reefs of Puerto Morelos. The WET SET DIVING Adventures started the year fresh with their new owners, Tadd and Lindsay. They  have taken over the business located at the Hotel  Ojo de Agua. For more details about their programs, visit their newly redesigned web site.

Jungle Spa & Market

Sandra’s MAYA ECO place continues to be a popular place to visit and is also well known as the Jungle Spa & Market. You can get there by car, taxi or collectivo. It is located behind the Colonia Zetina Gazca, in the Zona Urbana on Calle Dos. The cost by taxi from the town square is $50 pesos, one way.  From nearby hotels, the cost is $150 pesos, one way.  To make a Spa Reservation and find out about their hours and services, see their web site.

Currency Exchange Rates

Note that exchange rates vary daily.  The rate listed is current at the time of publication.  For current exchange rates check the XE web site.

  • US Dollar       12.00 Pesos
  • CDN Dollar    11.90 Pesos

ATMs – There are no banks in town so to exchange your money for pesos you have to depend on ATM machines. SANTANDER has one located near the police station and the HSBC is besides the supermarket facing the town square, where you will get a better rate.  Some  ATM’s dispense pesos or dollars such as the ones located in D’ Cesar Plaza and they have higher charges for each transaction. Be sure that you take the maximum amount permitted in order to save on having to make more transaction during your stay.  If the machine happens to eat your card, you will have to call your banker in your city of residence in order to get a new one.
Exchanging Cash – If you have currency you want to exchange for pesos, there is a Cambio window next to Martin’s supermarket facing the town square.  To exchange money you will need a copy of your passport.  There are also ATM machines by the gas station on the highway and by the local OXXO shop, but their rates aren’t favorable.  Travelers cheques can only be exchanged for pesos through the banks in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or at the airport. You will need your passport to cash them so it’s best not to bring them.

Taxi Service

Need taxicab service?  It is readily accessible all around town. Always verify the fare before you accept a ride. You will find their rates posted at the Taxi Stand located by the town square. Ask for the fare first as it runs from 20 pesos up to 50 pesos around the village and up towards the colony of Zetina Garza. For a ride to the Cancun Airport, it can go up to 300 pesos.   To get to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan, or down to the Capital of Quintana Roo which is Chetumal, you should expect to pay a much higher fare.

Car Rentals

Renting a Car is very often an excellent way to visit the area at your leisure. For safe and proper advice, check with your reputable travel adviser MARAND TRAVEL to find out, in a professional manner, about the rates & availability.  Check out our Car Rentals page.

Bicycle Rentals

You can rent bikes by the hour, day, week or month. One rental location can be found at the small Travel Agency located across the street, south of the town square, heading towards the Handicraft Market.  Bikes are also available at the hotel Posada El Moro, north of the taxi stand.  For long term stay in the area, we recommend you to buy a new bicycle and you can donate it or sell it as a used bike.

Restaurant News

Posada Amor – One of the oldest and most-successful restaurants in town is POSADA AMOR, each day, from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. they have a “Mexican Buffet” for $150.00 pesos each (half price for kids under 12 years).   You may also enjoy their regular menu ‘A La Carte’  which includes seafood, meat and chicken dishes.

Rustika Jazz Gourmet & Art Gallery – A charming newcomer to the Puerto Morelos restaurant scene, Rustika features an interesting menu featuring Mediterranean and Italian dishes.  Located in a lovely building off-the-beaten-path, you will find Rustika beyond the Handicraft Market and next to the Hostal Secreto.  This charming restaurant is worth a try.

Los Tejones Locos – A newcomer to Puerto Morelos, their menu features Italian dishes, including pizza and pastas, they also have Italian desserts.  This lovely restaurant is located just south of the Church.

Tulipanes – A small comfortable cafe with a “European feel.”  Tulipanes serves espresso, black and herbal teas, and juices.  Their breakfast menu features both tortilla española and carrot cake.  In the evening they serve coffees, teas and desserts.  For their hours see their Facebook page.

Visit a Cenote

Do not forget to experience an ECO-ADVENTURE along the Ruta de los Cenotes (cenotes are limestone sinkholes) located in the Mayan community of Central Vallarta (just southeast of Puerto Morelos off the main highway). Visit wonders such as Cenote Kin-Ha, Selvatica, Verde Lucero, 7 Bocas, Las Mojarras, Boca del Puma, La Noria and Gorilax.  These are perfect sites to practice meditation, yoga, smimming, hiking, diving and zip-lining.  You can also drive an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) through the jungle.

Tours are also available at the world famous eco-parks of Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Xplor which are just a short drive away south on the main highway.


published: November 17th, 2011

December 2011

NEWS POST – December 2011

HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON Greetings! . . .               Recent medical studies have proven being in the ocean and near a beach, inhaling the negative ions in the air found at a beach, improves not only your spirits but your mental, physical and emotional health.  Is there a better beach to experience these rejuvenating (yes, scientists feel prolonged beach stays will also make you look and feel younger!) positive forces then on the long, wide beach of Puerto Morelos !  What are you waiting for?  Winter is already here in parts of North America and Europe and the rest of the country is already dreary with oncoming winter.  Ditch the sweaters, boots, and fur-lined gloves next to your snow shovel this winter and replace them with swimsuits, sunscreen, shrimp tacos and margaritas.

Plan a vacation stay in the beautiful village of Puerto Morelos, Mexico located just a 20 minutes ride south of Cancun airport. Capture a bit of beach paradise in a private vacation home or at a resort in the incomparable village of Puerto Morelos located at the northern edge of the Riviera Maya.

Before doing so, visit our web page for the Daily Forecast at:  Puerto Morelos Weather.

There are so many things to do in this slice of paradise:

  • Dive or snorkel on the longest reef in the Americas, located a half mile from our shoreline.
  • Go Fishing!
  • Dive and swim in a Cenote.


  •  Practice yoga. Experience the wonder of a healing Mayan Massage at the Jungle Spa and Market at Calle 2, in the Colonia Zetina Gazca.
  • Learn Spanish at the Puerto Morelos Language Center where classes are tailor-made for individual students.  Don’t just learn a language, Live it!!!   Spanish Language Center
  • Catch-up on your reading list, browsing the shelves of the largest English-language bookstore in the area, located right in the heart of Puerto Morelos
  •  Visit Mayan ruins
  •  Take a bus or jitney into nearby Cancun (35 minutes north of Puerto) or Playa del Carmen (35 min south of Puerto) for specialized shopping, fine dining and even casinos
  •  Take an ecological tour in nearby preserves
  •  Take your pick from more then 40 international  Restaurants in Puerto Morelos, most within walking distance to your accommodation. The latest additions are:  RUSTIKA Jazz Gourmet & Art Gallery 1:00 to 12:00 p.m. (closed Mondays), Tulipanes WiFi Cafe 7AM-1PM & 4PM-10PM(closed Wednesdays) and the Restaurant-Bar “Paraiso” Seafood Specialties 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm next to Mexicoplus Hotel.
  • Meet new friends from around the globe, sharing a drink and listening to various musical groups at the local bars and restaurants.
  • Wander down to the town square or zocalo in the evening and join in the free local activities held at the “Casa de la Cultura” and the ” Zocalo” such as the Puerto Morelos Music Festival held during the winter months.
  • OR, do nothing!… Just relax, rejuvenate and refresh your engines on our amazing beaches.

    Puerto Morelos Beach

         There is ALWAYS something fun and interesting to do in Puerto Morelos and in the Colonia across the highway from the main town. You’ll never be bored but you will be enchanted.




  • The Puerto Morelos Spanish Language Center is now entering in its 2nd year of teaching.   We invite you to read about this learning activity and register for classes while you are here.  Don’t just learn a language, Live it!!!  




  • The Little Mexican Cooking School is now in its 3rd year of classes. It has become an important attraction in Puerto Morelos. The school offers day long classes in traditional Mexican food with a variety of menus and historical and cultural information on Mexico’s famous fusion cuisine. Includes class and a full lunch with festive drinks.  Register for a culinary class (or 2) at the Little Mexican Cooking School now located at the Casa Caribe Seaside Retreat. www.thelittlemexicancookingschool.com
  • Accommodations for the peak winter season (Christmas through Easter in April) are filling up quickly.  Don’t miss your opportunity to live and learn in a fascinating location.  What are you waiting for?  Take the time to visit our site about  Vacation Rental in Puerto Morelos and Cancun where you can make your reservation for a perfect winter vacation in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.
  • In the Residential area, Condo-Suites Marviya have recently finished the renovation of their project. This 3 story property has an inground pool located in the inner court that keeps an actual Zen inspiration with its garden and fountain as well as its inner balconies. This charming property is located at only 200 meters away from the beach and a few blocks from the town square.
  • Casa Caribe Seaside Retreat is the latest addition with charming accommodations available in Puerto Morelos.  Set in a funky Hacienda style building, the Seaside Retreat offers 5 bedrooms with ocean views and private terraces, a relaxing wide open terrace for breakfast and a friendly, peaceful atmosphere.
  • Again, all are at your finger tips on our website pages in Puerto Morelos and Cancun at:  Vacation Rental

Many airlines are offering vacation specials making your trip very affordable – AND now, the main large terminal at Cancun airport has automated machine check-in which eliminates the need to stand in line when it’s time to part.

For more information about Puerto Morelos, please visit our website or Contact us!

With our warmest  Holiday Greetings, we invite you down to Puerto Morelos, Mexico.   CHEERS !

published: September 22nd, 2011

Fall 2011

NEWS POST – Fall 2011

You can always tell it’s September when you begin to see stands selling Mexican flags  (and an assortment of other items in red, white and green) popping up on street corners. Although Mexican Independence Day falls on September 16th, the whole month of September is referred to as  “el mes de la patria”  and is dedicated to all things Mexican.

           The summer has come and gone and those contemplating a fall or winter vacation are already looking forward to another get-away in the Mexican paradise known as the Riviera Maya, particularly Puerto Morelos and Cancun.

Puerto Morelos, half way between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, has always been a village of fishermen.  It is also known as a sacred and mystical location for women within the Mayan culture.

          Even though we boast a new lighthouse, the symbol of the strength and resiliency of our town and its people is the tilting lighthouse that was almost destroyed by the powerful Hurricane Beulah in 1967.  This lighthouse, right at the end of the main dock in the center of town, is a favorite gathering spot for many, a source of pride for those who call Puerto Morelos home.  That number has grown over a relatively short time from just a few hundred families in the 1970’s to a population of 15,000 today.  The people, from the local and sport fishermen, dive boat operators, restaurants and hotel owners and workers still depend on the sea and the reef that runs off shore all the way to Belize, for their livelihood.


For a laid-back village, there is always something to do in Puerto Morelos and Marand Travel can help with all arrangements.  Local cultural activities such as music festivals, dance exhibitions or art fairs are regularly scheduled either at the town square (zocalo) or the Casa de la Cultura and these activities are free of charge to all.

          Marand Travel is there to help you if you are seeking an Eco-adventure vacation because Puerto Morelos is the perfect spot for this.  The Mayan “Ruta de los Cenotes”  (trail of cenotes – underground caverns) begins a few kilometers east and south of the village. There are guided tours for those who want to leave a small tourism footprint, yet have an adventure never forgotten.

Spend an unforgettable day at any of these wonders.   The ecological activities include:  Cenote  Kin-Ha, Selvatica as well as others such as:  Verde Lucero, 7 Bocas, Las Mojarras,  Boca del Puma,  La Noria y Gorilla.

          Cenotes are limestone sinkholes and ours are surrounded by lush vegetation that creates a mysterious atmosphere, perfect for meditation, hiking or trying “zip-line” flying!   Once underground in the cenotes, divers and snorkelers discover a magical world of stalagmites while swimming in the clear fresh water of the underground rivers that criss-cross the Yucatan peninsula.   At one time these cenotes were used for Mayan sacrifices but today they serve as an adventure not to be overlooked.   ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) are now also available if you wish to drive through the jungles of the Yucatan.

Just minutes from Puerto Morelos just north of town on the main highway you’ll find Crococun Zoo, an interactive attraction with guided tours of regional flora and fauna including crocodiles, monkeys and snakes.

Then south of town on the main highway, you’ll see the magnificent Botanical Gardens that house hundreds of regional species of rare and common plants.

At approximately 45 minute drive south on the main highway you’ll find the Eco-parks of Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Xplor.  Day or evening excursions to these fantastic interactive parks can be booked through Marand Travel.


Not feeling quite that adventurous?   No worry.  The Puerto Morelos Reef National Park, part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world, is located a few hundred yards off shore of Puerto Morelos. The reef boasts dozens of varieties of coral, reef fish and other aquatic life, sometimes in very shallow waters.  There are many diving operators to take you out to the reef for a half day of scuba, snorkeling or swimming. Some of these are PADI registered.


Want to practice or learn a new water sport?  Windsurfing or Sail Boarding are available right off the beach in the safety channels (no boats allowed zones) between the beach and the reef.  Many find excellent swimming and snorkeling right off the beach at some of the coral heads located there.

      Puerto Morelos boasts some of the most beautiful beach in the world perfect for walking, jogging or just doing nothing more strenuous then working on your tan or reading a book.

Whatever your style of vacationing preferred, you can find it in Puerto Morelos.  There is still time to book a 4-7 night discounted rate for vacation stays now until December 15th.  Many discounted rates are available for the budget minded.  During high or peak season, December to April, rates are mores costly and properties are more in demand so to ensure your choice, book now.  Last minute deals are sometimes available though.  For more information, double click on the link  Vacation Rental  for what is available in Puerto Morelos and Cancun.

Visit the blue color links and have a look at our 5-minute “Magical Surroundings Slideshow”, the Vacation Guide Slideshow  about Puerto Morelos.   Browse our site to find the Puerto Morelos MAPSRestaurantsReal Estate,  Travel Hints,  Puerto Morelos WEATHER.

 For all your travel needs,  Contact us.   We’re there for you!


published: June 14th, 2011

Summer 2011


NEWS POST  –  Summer 2011

Focus on Puerto Morelos, Mexico




1)  What happened in July.

  • During the month of July, our town became an “Alcaldia”  meaning that, it is where the Mayor does business with slightly more autonomy for decisions than previously.  An Extraordinary sitting of the Constitutional Committee of Benito Juarez was held in the Parque de Puerto Morelos to ratify the formation of the Alcaldia.  For Puerto Morelos, it means that there is the strong possibility that we will have our own municipality within the next few years.

2)  Our Beautiful White Sand Beaches.

Our beaches are beautiful year-round, but during the summer and early fall the oceans flatten out with gentle waves perfect for swimmers, those who want to snorkel or scuba. The waters are also warmer, a pleasant 78-85 degrees F,  perfect for all water activity.  Enjoy long beach walks on cool sand since the silica that composes it doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat, remaining cool under foot).  Spread out your beach towel near one of the beach bars and just let your senses feast on the beauty of turquoise blue waters, clear blue sky and those books you’ve been dying to read.


Prefer to just chill out and relax by the pool side?   Miles of wide beaches invite you to daydream, read, snooze, let your imagination run wild while you watch the frigate birds and pelicans dive for their dinner.  Back at your lodging, you can awaken to the sweet songs of orange breasted orioles, yellow breasted warblers, white warblers, sandpipers, blue jays and humming birds.  And let’s not forget some of the best Mexican beers, Micheladas and Tequila available!


3)  Forty restaurants all within walking distance of the town square.

Perhaps you enjoy relaxing at café style bistro tables to have your coffee, drinks, or meals, a regular people-watcher.  Perhaps you prefer sitting inside.  Whatever your style you can find it at one of the many diverse restaurants in Puerto Morelos.  Whether you crave Mexican, Italian, Thai, Oriental, Indian fusion cuisine or seafood, Argentinean style beef, Pizza or a delicious American style hamburgers and fries you can find it in town.

  Like entertainment with your dinner or for a special occasion?  You can find it at several restaurants and bars  at various nights of the week  as Puerto Morelos boasts with fine singers and music combos.  On a budget?  Not a problem.  A typical dinner including an entry, main course, a glass of wine or beer will cost approximately 130 pesos – just a little over $10 per person!  (Current exchange rate =  Approx.  11.00 pesos per US dollar and 11.30 pesos per Canadian dollar.  Rates fluctuate.)  How can you top that?  Check out our website for a complete listing of  restaurants  in and around town.

4)  Summer time brings bargain rates for rental houses and at some hotels.

Vacation Home


For example, from July to mid-November, the monthly rental rate for a residential gated house,  3 bedrooms,  2 baths, 2 street away from the beach,  is $700 for the month plus utilities (Gas, electricity, cable, drinking water).  This house has air conditioning plus ceiling fans, Wi-Fi, an equipped galley kitchen and an enclosed yard.  Price also includes weekly maid and gardener service.

For more lodging summer specials and details, contact us!


5)  Summer air fares from popular destination cities are generally lower.

     Flights are available with most carriers to Cancun International airport (a 25 minute ride from Puerto Morelos) for approximately $350 round trip per person.  Check it out online with your favorite airline then contact us to arrange personalized ground transportation round trip from/to Cancun airport and many local destinations.  We can also arrange car rentals, too.


5)  Whatever your interests, there are a variety of activities for all ages available  to you during your stay in Puerto Morelos.

Want to expand your travel experience?  Ask about our Spanish Language school.

For one of the most relaxing yet invigorating experiences, visit the Jungle Spa for a healing Mayan massage.

Interested in a diving adventure? Kids with you?  Teach them to snorkel and take them diving on the longest continuous coral reef in the western hemisphere, located a short distance from our shores.  There are many certified diving operations that can make your experience a safe one.  Or perhaps you’d like to visit the Crococun Zoo or take a guided walking tour through the Colonia, the traditional local part of Puerto Morelos.

Plan to visit our underground Caves or Cenotes.

Interested in history?  There are several ancient ruins a short ride from town at Tulum, Coba or El Rey.  Any of these can be reached and explored independently via bus or taxi or can be booked with an organized tour.

6)  Real Estate opportunities you should look at.

You would like an out-of-the-way nest where to retire or invest in?  Puerto Morelos is worth looking at during your stay by taking the time to see the REAL ESTATE offers that are available locally.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *

Mexican Caribbean Sea

Your comments are welcome and your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

For more information please visit our website or Contact us

See you soon!

published: June 1st, 2011

June 2011


NEWS POST – June 2011

The two annual Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournaments took place in May and both were a successful and fun for all..  Enjoy the video of the first tournament held May 7-8, Cesar Martin Rosado http://www.pescandoenelcaribe.com/cesarmartin.html

The second tournament “Don Andrés Garcia Lavin” on May 28th & 29th was FANTASTIC! 122 boats from various parts of Mexico competed to see who would catch the biggest fish in several categories for the grand prize of $9,000.00 US.  Thousands of spectators enjoyed the excitement of the weighing in ceremony, cultural dances and music concerts, including a performance by the popular Mexican songstress Ana Barbara.  Kids and adults alike were entertained with games, food, music, conversation and camaraderie.   Check out this you tube video of the weekend’s events (yes, that’s me, Martha, on the boat REELAXATION and Andres with the chairman of the committee. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI7iXve8RTw

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


On June 1st, Mexico will celebrate the “Dia de la Marina” (Day of the Mariners or fishermen) and Puerto Morelos participates with a full program from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. including civil and military activities, a fishing tournament and additional fun activities for the public concluding with a cultural Mexican Ballet in the town square at 7:00 p.m.

– . – . – . – . – . –
Friday, June 10th, the  Summer Music Festival starts at 5:00 pm in the Town Square
or Zocalo of Puerto Morelos.  Plan to join us there!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Don’t miss this hot deal, good from June 1st to December 1st only.  Rent CASA ALEGRIA located at 1 block from the beach for $700.00 US per month, in double occupancy, plus utilities (electricity, gas, WI-FI internet & purified water) Add $50.00 usd extra per week for 2 extra persons.  Weekly maid and gardener services are included. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The SPANISH LANGUAGE CENTER is operating year around.

For more information about our programs, we invite you to visit our web site Puerto Morelos Language Center for complete details about this gratifying and exciting way to learn another language.  Special tuition rates apply during June 1st to December 1st.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Early in May, we organized a symbolic Mayan Wedding Ceremony for a party of 30 guests from the US that chose our beautiful town as the site for this special moment in their lives.  The ceremony itself, performed by a Mayan Shaman, was held on the beach at sundown with traditional Mayan dances following the ceremony.

The wedding guests enjoyed a fantastic Mexican feast with live music for dancing on the terrace of a restaurant located on the beach.  If you’re interested in a destination wedding ceremony that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime, Contact Us and we can arrange every detail for you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you missed any previous Newsletters (News Post), you can catch up on local events by clicking on the issue of your choice located at the top of the page.





published: May 2nd, 2011

May 2011


NEWS POST – May 2011

The winter season and spring vacations are done and the snow birds have slowly gone back home anticipating their return in November.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The 2011 Fishing Tournaments are taking place this month. The first one, organized by the Martin Family (Cesar Martin Rosado) will be held in Puerto Morelos on the weekend of May 6, 7 and 8.   The cost for participating is $3,000.00 Pesos (approximately 273.00 US$).   Opening ceremonies begin Friday, May 6th at 8:00 p.m. and the tournament will end on Sunday, May 8th at 4:30 p.m.  Winners will be awarded trophies and other valuable prizes at the closing ceremonies.
Reserve your space at the Marina El Cid – Tel:  871-0185  998-871-0185 or  Contact Us.

The second tournament will be held at the end of the month. The Celebration of the “Dia de la Marina” takes place May 27, 28 and 29th.  This Tournament is known as the  “Don Andrés Garcia Lavin – 2do Torneo de Pesca Deportiva”.  Trophies are awarded in these  categories:  Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, Atun (Tuna) and Barracuda.   The cost for the participation is $2,000.00 Pesos (approximately 181.00 US$).   Reserve your space at Tel:  871-0473  or  Contact Us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Puerto Morelos SPANISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL continues to operate at our Learning Center.  Learn It and Live It! . . . Fill out the registration form and start a program during the time you are here.   The One-On-One courses are highly  in demand, with students of all ages.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Refer to our April Newsletter to learn more information and accommodation rates for HOTELS and VACATION RENTALS in Puerto Morelos during the off-season months.

Take advantage of the LATEST DEAL for a Vacation Rental with a last minute special at  CASA ALEGRIA from May 15th to December 1st only.  The monthly rate will be $700.00 usd per month, plus utilities (electricity, gas, telephone-internet).  It includes maid cleaning once a week and the gardener twice a week.  Contact Us

To book a reservation for your Get-Away Vacation visit our Make a Reservation page.

Ask about the special rates available for the months of May to November 2011.
Pay for 3 nights and get the 4th night FREE!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Turn-Key Investments     


The village of Puerto Morelos is slowly running out of building opportunities.  If you have been considering purchasing a house or building one on a lot, contact us.  There are properties available in the suburb and jungle area, in the Colonia Zetina Garzca.

For those who are looking for a place in the nature surrounded by birds, iguanas, monkeys and more, you can find the peace and tranquility you need, at a unique retreat in the Zona Urbana of Puerto Morelos, at a House and Two Jungle Cabanas located at Calle 5 behind Villas Morelos I.


– .  – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – .

HOUSE for SALE by Owners in the residential area of Puerto Morelos is located within a walking distance from the town square and the beach.  This property may be the perfect place for your need.  A comfortable  air conditioned & fully furnished 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom house which features a separate maid or handyman quarters with bathroom on the property and has a lovely large & shady garden.  Asking price $435,000.00 USD –  negotiable with personal financing by the owner.

Just next door to this property, a cozy and neat Mexican architectural house is also For Sale.  It boasts 2-bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms, a large kitchen living area and at the back shaded garden, a useful storage room.  The asking price is $375,000.00 USD.   

– . – .  – . – . – .- . – . – . – . – .


Time is valuable, make the most of yours!  Check our next NEWS  POST in June.  Keep Well! . . .

published: March 27th, 2011

April 2011

NEWS POST – April 2011

We’re focusing this issue on helping you plan your next vacation in beautiful Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Any time is a perfect time to vacation in tropical Mexico but why not take advantage of the many currently available vacation specials and come visit us between April and December, 2011?

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In order to orient yourself during your stay, ask for the latest edition of our FREE Tourist Guide for a Taste of Puerto Morelos and much more…    Need  personal guidance and travel information, you can come by at Ave. Niños Heroes No. 46, from 9 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

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While vacationing in Puerto Morelos visit the   

“Crococun” Zoo or  plan an exciting day

exploring the “Ruta de los Cenotes” in nearby

Central Vallarta where you will find many Cenotes,

a natural marvel to explore*

*WHAT ARE CENOTES? Cenotes are sinkholes in the midst of the forest.  The whole Yucatan Peninsula consists of limestone.  During the ice age, the rain water permeated the porous stone forming caves and passageways with huge domed ceilings.  These cenotes are actually underground rivers and form the largest interconnected cave and cavern system in the world.

“Cenotes” were sacred to the Maya.  They were considered the entrance to the spiritual underworld and provided the only source of fresh water in the jungle.  These natural limestone wells are  filled with fresh water so clean and pure  they are unique to this area of Mexico and you will not find anything comparable elsewhere in the world.  If you don’t explore the cenotes here you’re missing a fantastic adventurous opportunity to see rare beauty.


The “Ruta de los Cenotes”  of Route of the Cenotes is located in the community of Central Vallarta , 19 Km. to the east of Puerto Morelos and 21 Km. east of Leona Vicario.   Organized tours exist allowing for low impact tourism, a perfect way to spend an unforgettable day at one of the wonders found in Puerto Morelos.   The tour includes transportation, entrance fee, ecological guide and typical food of the region.  This entrance fee helps the local economy and helps to maintain these protected areas under useful conditions.  Enjoy Mother Nature’s gift, unique to this area of Mexico!

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Take advantage of taking Spanish classes at your leisure.  Our Academic Director interviews each prospective student to assess the level of teaching needed and make it a most pleasant experience.

For more information see:  Spanish Immersion Center

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Puerto Morelos boasts over 50 restaurants, most within walking distance of your lodgings; they feature everything from traditional Mexican cuisine to International specialties.  Obviously, seafood caught fresh daily by local fishermen is a specialty in many of the restaurants.   See our Restaurant page for more information.

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Puerto Morelos has hotels, inns, rental condos and homes to fit your budget.  We have accommodations for the solo traveler, couples, families or larger groups who want to take advantage of the cozy atmosphere and welcoming hospitality found on one of the most beautiful beaches and dive reefs in the world.  For more information see our Hotels page.

Make it easy for yourself and book your trip online on our Reservation page.




During the months of  MAY, JUNE, SEPT. OCT. & NOV. 2011  – Ask for the special rates available. PAY FOR 3 NIGHTS AND GET THE 4TH NIGHT  FREE!

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Looking for a place in the nature surrounded by birds, iguanas, monkeys and more, where you can find the peace and tranquility you need, at a unique retreat in the Zona Urbana of Puerto Morelos, at a House and Two Jungle Cabanas located at Calle 5 behind Villas Morelos I.

To book a reservation or for more information, contact us at: info@puertomorelos.com.mx

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VACATION RENTALS (Villas, Houses, Condos)

For more information see our Vacation Rentals page.



VILLA MANGO SUNRISE (sleeps up to 12 persons)  This Villa is a spectacular and beautiful home directly on the beach.  DSL connection is provided.

Casa MERMAID (sleeps up to 12 persons)   The beach is only a few steps away from this property that also has a small pool plus all the amenities you need for your stay in the tropics.

Casa ALEGRIA (sleeps up to 6 persons)   Minutes from the beach and a short walk to the town square, this is a lovely house.  If you don’t feel like walking, you can catch the mini-bus or collective that pass through the village  that will take you to the main highway for a connection to Cancun or Playa del Carmen or to one of the many shops or restaurants right here in the center of town.  If you prefer, you can call a taxi.

Casa LUNA (sleeps 4-6 persons)   This is a charming gated Mexican architecturally designed house with a private pool.

VILLAS PLAYASOL (sleep  up to 4 persons)   With 32 units and 6 villas this beachfront complex is ideal for small families and only a short walk from the town square.  It has all the amenities you need for a comfortable vacation.

CARRIBEAN REEF Villas (sleeps 2-4 persons)   Can be rented in conjunction with other units to accommodate groups of up to 24.

VILLA ABBEY del SOL (sleeps 2-4 persons)   Located in the village residential area, this is a perfect place for couples, 2 couples or a family of 4.

SUITES ARRECIFES (sleeps 2-4 persons)   Located on the beach but does not have a pool.  There are 12 suites and 2 studios.  There is a private parking area. Monthly rentals on request.


CANCUN HOTEL ZONE (Located at the tip of the hotel zone near Punta  Nizuc)

Condo LOVING (sleeps 2 to 4 persons)   There is a handy mini-mart, gift shop, laundry mat and Palapa Bar & Grill in the complex. If you prefer to shop downtown, transportation is very convenient. You can catch a bus which stops every 2 or 3 minutes just outside the 24 hour SECURITY GATE.  Shopping malls, flea markets, restaurants, site-seeing, and a varied night life are all just minutes away.  Get their low season special for:  Stay 4 days and pay for 3 nights only, at $100.00 usd per night, in double occupancy.


DOWNTOWN CANCUN (Near Plaza Las Americas):

Condo LORANGER (sleeps up to 4 persons)   A 5 minutes’ walk from the complex, PLAZA LAS AMERICAS is a handy shopping mall for all your needs including Cinemas, restaurants, gift shops and a large Grocery Store. Looking for a perfect place where to live in Cancun? This property is FOR SALE!

For Long Term Rentals send us an email at: marand@puertomorelos.com.mx

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Turn-Key Investments


The village of Puerto Morelos is slowly running out of building opportunities.  If you have been considering purchasing a house or building one on a lot, contact us.  There are properties available in the suburb and jungle area, in the Colonia Zetina Garzca.

For those who are looking for a place in the nature surrounded by birds, iguanas, monkeys and more, you can find the peace and tranquility you need, at a unique retreat in the Zona Urbana of Puerto Morelos, at a House and Two Jungle Cabanas located at Calle 5 behind Villas Morelos I. 
The attractive asking price is:  $149,000.00 usd and offers are considered for discussion.

HOUSE for SALE by Owners in the residential area of Puerto Morelos is located within a walking distance from the town square.  This property may be the perfect place for your need.  A comfortable  air conditioned & fully furnished 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom house which features a separate maid or handyman quarters with bathroom on the property and has a lovely large & shady garden.  Asking price $435,000.00 USD  Negotiable with personal financing by the owner.

Just next door to this property, a cozy and neat Mexican architectural house is also For Sale.  It boasts 2-bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms, a large kitchen living area and at the back shaded garden, a useful storage room.  The asking price is $375,000.00 USD.   For information, contact the owner at: info@puertomorelos.com.mx

In the Downtown Cancun area,  this affordable 3-bedroom penthouse Condo is fully furnished.   Asking price:  $110,000 USD and accessible to offers.

Looking for LAND TO BUY?   Contact:  Andres Uscanga

Cell Ph:  + 52 1 (998) 845-4376




  • How Safe is Mexico?
  • by Anne Johnson Posted Mar 14th 2011

Cancún is one of Mexico’s most popular beach resorts, which averages around four million American visitors per year. In 2009 a retired Mexican general investigating corruption was assassinated by drug traffickers, but that’s been an isolated event. Over-consumption of alcohol by younger tourists is a problem, and there have been rapes. But on the whole, Cancún is extremely safe. “The leading cause of foreign tourist deaths in Cancún is heart attacks, car accidents and accidental drowning,” says Canadian writer Marlo-Renay Heresco, a Cancún resident. “The key to success when traveling or living abroad is exercising common sense.” The Riviera Maya (the Yucatán coast stretching south from Cancún) has little to fear beyond sunburn. The island of Cozumel off the Riviera Maya is a popular, very safe destination for cruise ships, where problems are the occasional purse-snatching or picked pocket.

“Mexico is a large country. Deciding not to travel to Mexico because of violence is like saying you won’t go to New York because of a murder in Denver,” says Mérida resident Ellen Fields. “Yes, there are places in Mexico where violence is on the rise. Although many people visit Chichen Itza on day-trips from Cancún, Mérida is the gateway to comprehensive exploration of Uxmal and other significant Mayan ruins scattered across the state of Yucatán. Mérida is a quiet, charming city, and the main ruins have well-organized tours and visitors’ centers, as well as guards. In addition to hotels in Mérida, the Yucatán has a number of Colonial-era haciendas that have been converted into small resorts. Mayan villagers are welcoming. Here again, it’s not a good idea to drive on unlighted roads at night, but central Mérida’s busy Colonial-era streets are safe to stroll at night. The nearby Mayan Riviera, has not seen this violence and is a very safe place to visit or to live.”

*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*  Happy Easter Holidays! . . .

published: March 16th, 2011

March 2011

MARAND TRAVEL Services  “Your Virtual Travel Agency”

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March 2011

The month began with a flurry of activities once the PGA Annual Tournament held during the 5th year of the Mayakoba Golf Classic, was completed on February 28th.   If Golf is your passion, it’s not too soon to plan a February, 2012 vacation here in Puerto Morelos for the 6th annual tournament.  Ask us for details.

Spring Break is going strong on the Rivera Maya with more families spending vacation time together in a relaxed ambiance in one of the many rental houses or condos available in town.  A perfect place to vacation for families, extended families or groups of friends, these houses and condos are available for short term or seasonal long term rentals and are a great alternative to hotel vacations. The snow birds here during the past few months are already making early arrangements to return for Winter 2012.  Ask us for more information about available properties.

Winter Carnival, March 5th through the 8th, began with the coronation of the Carnival Queen, dancing competitions and other fun activities held around the Puerto Morelos town square or Zocalo.  Our Colonia Zetina Gasca, located across the highway from Puerto Morelos, featured additional activities every other day.  Everyone had an opportunity to join in the music, laughter and general fun.

On March 12th, the First Eco-Cultural Fair was held at the Cancun Messe Convention Hall located along the Cancun-Tulum highway.  People all along the Riviera Maya joined in a delightful afternoon of viewing craft art displays, paintings, sculptures, and listening to music that expresses the passion for art, ecology and creativity found in this area. This free event was held to benefit the “Save the Children of Quintana Roo” and was sponsored by the organization LOVE Cancun.

Saturday, March 19th, children from our local schools will participate in theater, singing and dancing during our Spring Festival held in Puerto Morelos’ town square or Zocalo.  If you were here, you too could join in this welcome to spring.

Puerto Morelos has long awaited the official decree providing for its governmental independence from Cancun.  On March 20th , the Mayor “Alcalde” of Puerto Morelos will present this official decree to the delegation and citizens of Puerto Morelos.  The day will be full of celebratory activities for the community at large from 9:00 a.m. until late evening, culminating with dancing to the live music of the band Group Essex.

There’s still time to join us when Puerto Morelos hosts its Annual Fishing Tournament the last weekend in May.  This event attracts deep sea fishermen from not only Mexico but the USA, Canada and other countries. They come to spend a weekend full of high emotions competing for the largest fish caught in the National Maritime Park which is located only 800 meters from the Puerto Morelos shore.  Part of the Grand Mayan Reef, this is the world’s second largest barrier reef.

Not a fisherman? It’s still lots of fun to come down to the town dock and watch the participants bring in their catch while participating in the festival atmosphere.   Prime rental properties and hotels are still available but won’t be for long.  Contact us to book your trip to Cancun or Puerto Morelos during the beautiful weather month of May.

Plan your next Vacation with us. You will discover a taste of exotic paradise along the Caribbean Sea in this quaint multi-cultural village.  Wedged between white sand beaches on the east and mangrove swamps replete with flora and fauna on the west, Puerto Morelos offers something for everyone from swimming to strolling the beaches, to diving, snorkeling, windsurfing or kite boarding to sightseeing at nearby Mayan ruins and some of the best shopping and dining experiences in Mexico.

Want to just kick back, read a few books on your kindle while drinking margaritas in the sun?  You can do that too in Puerto Morelos.  We can offer you rental houses or condos with amenities suitable for a family of four for $1,200 USD per week, depending on the season.

During your next trip to Mexico, ask us how to book a weekend trip to Havana, Cuba. Details are featured on our: Cuba Destinations page.

Many vacationers have taken advantage of learning some Spanish for Travelers or improving their own skills by filling out an application at our Spanish Language Center. They discover this to be an ideal way to learn Spanish while relaxing under the Mexican tropical sun.  The Academic Director assists every new student in arranging the proper program whether a novice or advanced Spanish speaker.

With so many things to do in and around Puerto Morelos, Mexico, what are you waiting for?  Book your next vacation with us.  Once you experience this slice of heaven, you’ll return to our village time and time again.


published: February 21st, 2011

February 2011

NEWS POST – February 2011

The 2011 Music Festival was a success drawing many tourists as well as locals to enjoyable evenings of music in the town square. Share the fun; watch the video produced by the Organizing Committee demonstrating the immense work and support necessary to realize the Festival featuring the participation of local Puerto Morelos musicians, volunteers and more.

We look forward to next year’s 2012 Puerto Morelos Music Festival.

Plan to join us then!

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On February 14th visitors celebrated Valentine’s Day by sampling a variety of dinner specials in many restaurants around town.To add to the fun, various musical groups serenaded guests at table side. This impromptu musical atmosphere is unique to Puerto Morelos and adds to everyone’s evening enjoyment.

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Mexico’s Only PGA TOUR EVENT in the Riviera Maya runs from February 23rdto the 28th.This incredibly unique event is in its 5th year as part of the Mayakoba Golf Classic.  The PGA TOUR’S best will include the defending champion Cameron Beckman, John Daly, Fred Funk and Boo Weekley.  If you’re a golfer, plan to attend next year’s PGA Tour Event while vacationing in Puerto Morelos.  Ask us for details.

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TESOROS DEL CARIBE – All Inclusive “Happy Cruises”

The Latin ambiance cruise ship GEMINI is presently promoting their 7 nights’ cruise departing from Cozumel. Take advantage of their promotional two for the price of one promotional cruises setting sail February 28, March 7, 14, 21 & 28 with prices starting from $649 USD.The first passenger pays full price and the 2nd passenger pays only port taxes. There are also special promntional prices for the 3rd or 4th person in the cabin as well as children under 12 years of age. For more information or to get their brochure via e-mail, contact us.

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Getting around Puerto Morelos on a two seater Golf Cart is becoming a popular mode of transportation around Puerto Morelos.  Look for the cart “MARAND” driving some of our guests around the village for a quick tour. There is also a bilingual guided walking tour of the “Colonia” available for those who want to discover the non-tourist section of Puerto Morelos which is located on the opposite side of the highway.  See local Mexican village life up close and personal.  For more details, contact us.

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For the adventurous and young at heart, book a tour to a true natural Eco-Park and experience a ZIP LINE ride along with a swim in the crystal clear waters of a natural cenote or “Sink Hole,” or grab a bike and ride through the jungle on designated bike paths.  Ask us for details.

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Visit our famous Coral Reefs located only a 500 meters away from our white sandy beach or go fishing on a chartered yatch that takes you outside the reefs for bigger fishing game-catch. These fun activities are always available from your hotel or at dive shops scattered conveniently around town.


On Saturday, February 26th, the 5th annual event of the Swimming Tournament for the Open Waters Competition in Puerto Morelos will start around 8:00 a.m. in the morning at the local pier “Pescadores” located next to the town square.  The swimmers go towards the Arrecifes and return to the pier, for a distance of 5 Km and 2.5 km.   It will be another interesting competitive event around town.

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These new and fun classes are going very well: 18 students took private or semi-private lessons this past month.  Each student is screened by our Academic Director before being placed in the proper language level so every student can benefit the most from this fun and quick way to learn some conversational Spanish.  Class information can be found on our Home page or contact us.

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A different type of Puerto Morelos adventure, The Little Mexican Cooking school is also drawing many tourists weekly.  For more information, contact us.



published: January 27th, 2011

January 2011


NEWS POST January 2011

2011 started with a bang of various activities around town.  After the Christmas Holidays, tourists and resident snow birds arrived and settled in for their winter stay of a few weeks or up to 4 months, usually ending in April for winter snow birds.

On the weekends, more local residents from Cancun and Playa del Carmen can be found enjoying the beautiful white  beaches of Puerto Morelos but during the week, foreign vacationers enjoy beach strolling, snorkeling, diving, fishing as well as tours/excursions and visits to the Botanical Garden, the Crococun Zoologico Park and the Ruta de los Cenotes.

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The 6th Annual Puerto Morelos Music Festival, 2011 begins Thursday January 27th and ends 6 days later on February 5th.  Held at the Town Square or zocalo, music begins at 7:00 pm and festivities run until 10:00 pm with local artists & invited groups.  Featured performers include:

Thursday, January 27th –  Gnomos, Ramiro Alejandro, Son de 3, Kathy Wilson & The Frijoleros.  Danza Contemporaneo, Capoeira – Israel Gonzalez & Group, and Infusion Rock from Playa del Carmen.

Friday, January 28th – Casa Verde (Mexico, D.F.-France), Video Bajo Luz,  Men in Blues from Canada, Wayne Harris from Vancouver (Canada), Radio Roots (Argentina), Ken from Montreal (Canada), Hiram Gomez (Mexico, DF – Cancun).

Saturday, January 29th – Klass, Fernando Mendoza, Galeria Mental, Abelardo Moreno, Chivo Azul (Playa del Carmen), Andres Uscanga, John Cooker (E.U.A.)

Thursday, February 3rd – Daniel Gutierrez, BIT (Playa del Carmen), Danza Hindu & Danza Arabe (Susana Esquinca), Rogelio Canche, Merlot, Argentimax, Feel Dr. aKa MAB with Changora Drums (Barcelona).

Friday, February 4th – Piano (Valeria Roman, Ananda Gamio, Erick Sanchez), Bass & Voice (Playa del Carmen), Danza Folklorica  – Chiapas & Yucatan (Vicky Chacon), Javier Rojas (Cancun), Chak (Cancun), Sonny (Cancun), Corpus Klan (Cancun).

Saturday, February 5th – Galeria Astral, Hip-Hop (Jesus Cel), Skina Ruda (Tulum), Danza Conemoranea – Chilena & Flamenca (Carmen Figueroa Abarzua), Bandikoro (Tulum).

* At 10:30 p.m. on Jan 27th, 28th and 29th there will be Fiestas del Festival in “Micheladas del Semaforo” with Infusion Rock,“Sativa” with Radio Roots, “Bisro Cantine” with Chivo Azul.

* At 10:30 p.m. on Feb 3rd, 4th and 5th, the Fiestas del Festival will be held in “Micheladas del Semaforo” with Argentimex, in “Sativa” with Corpus Klan, “Bistro Cantine” with Hiram Gomez.

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On Sunday, January 23rd  the Mayakoba Golf Classic GOLF PARA TODOS held the largest Golf Class Session with 1,073 participants, breaking the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by China set in 2010 with 1,032 participants.  Way to go!

Mexico’s only PGA TOUR EVENT will be held from February 24-27th, 2011 at the  Camaleon Golf Club in Playa del Carmen.  Contact us for more information about viewing this event.

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This year, we offer a new option for travelers who would like to expand their Riviera Maya vacation by embarking on the Cruise Ship GEMINI departing COZUMEL every Monday through May 2nd 2011 for a 7 days journey to the islands of Grand Cayman, Isla Paraiso and Cuba.  Those who speak Spanish or want to improve their language skills can come aboard and be pampered with typical Latin atmosphere provided by the Spanish speaking staff.  Don’t speak Spanish.  Don’t worry, English, French & Italian are also spoken on board.   Your virtual travel agency, MARAND TRAVEL Services, organizes departures for March 14th, April 25th and May 2nd.

For more information about ex-pat living or investment opportunities please Contact Us.

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The SPANISH IMMERSION CENTER is doing very well and students presently taking classes during their stay in Puerto Morelos are very pleased with their results.  Each student is interviewed by our Academic Director before being assigned to a class. For information about the program visit Spanish Immersion.

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CHEERS !  and until next month . . . .  Keep Well!