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Belize Destination

How to get to Belize from Mexico.  To visit BELIZE from Mexico you can drive to the Chetumal border or take a bus.  There is now an airline company, Maya Island Air, which operates flights directly from Cancun to Belize International Airport.  Please Contact Us for flight info.

– Visit the Official Belize Visitor’s Site (in Spanish).

This is becoming a popular route whether you are heading for Belize as a final destination or just passing through on the way to Guatemala or Honduras. The following is a step by step guide on how to do it. If you leave Cancun early, the trip can be done in a day.

  • From Cancun: You can take an ADO bus from the Cancun Bus terminal to Playa del Carmen and it takes approximately 45 minutes.
  • In Playa del Carmen: There are 2 bus stations in Playa del Carmen and the majority of the buses to Chetumal leave from a different terminal than where the airport buses arrive. It is a simple matter of a $20.00 MX taxi ride or a 10 minute walk. For a taxi, turn right as you leave the bus station. To walk, turn left as you leave and walk along Avenida 5 (the main drag) until you get to Calle 12. Turn left and walk west 3 streets until you get to Avenida 20. The bus station is on the northwest corner. A first class ticket to Chetumal is $169.00MX and takes 4 – 4½ hours. Remember to keep your jacket with you as the A/C is usually cranked. There will be at least one quick stop where you can get a snack or have a smoke.
  • In Chetumal: Upon arrival in Chetumal, once again, the bus station you arrive at is not the one you need to leave from. The taxi stand is to your left as you exit the bus station; it’s a little too far to walk. Ask the taxi driver to take you to the “estación Mercado Nuevo”. The trip shouldn’t cost you more than $30.00 MX. From there you climb onto an old school bus that make up the majority of Belize’s public buses. Most of these buses will go all the way to Belize City but a change may be required in Orange Walk. This trip is $30.00 MX to Corozal, $110.00 MX to Belize City and 3½ hours including border crossing. You will be required to leave the bus twice, the first time you do not need to bring your luggage. Get your passport stamped and do not surrender your tourist visa if you plan on returning to Mexico. The doubla entrada stamp will cost you $100.00MX, but saves hassle on the way back in. The second stop at Belize customs requires you to bring your bags with you. Everybody climbs back onto the bus and off you go.

TRAVEL BY LAND – Crossing from the Mexico border into Belize occurs at the northern tip of Belize, at the only land link between the two countries. A border crossing about 12 kilometres/7½ miles equally between the town of Chetumal in Mexico and Corozal Town in the Corozal District handles all traffic between the two countries.
Border crossings via bus or taxi are quite easy. There is a Guatemalan bus line, Linea Dorada, that stops in Chetumal, Belize City & Flores, Guatemala. Belize buses pick-up in Chetumal and others drop off right at the boarder at Guatemala.

Crossing the Mexican border with your own vehicle can be done but is beyond the scope of our web site. It’s our understanding that there are a complex & ever-changing set of rules for the entry & exit of foreign vehicles in Mexico – too much for non-drivers to tackle. Vehicles coming into Belize must purchase Belizean insurance, in Belize, and with Belizean money. At the Mexican border & in Corozal, there are a few insurance offices.

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