Puerto Morelos Mexico Vacation Guide


During your vacation in Puerto Morelos Mexico, have fun with the chance to learn the language and culture at the Puerto Morelos Spanish Language Center. A Spanish class is an incredible opportunity to a Mexico vacation.

th_Spanish ImmersionLeave the everyday life stress and allow yourself to relax while attending a Spanish Class in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Learn Spanish and Live the Culture!  When you study Spanish in our One-on-One course, you will be thought by qualified native Spanish teachers, trained in the most advanced communicative methods of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  You will be encouraged to speak in Spanish from the very first minute of classes.

Whether you are a novice or advanced student, you can be sure our teachers will “Tailor” the class to meet your language needs.  You will be given a great opportunity to improve your language skills in the time available to you.  We will structure everything for you to have not only a serious program but also an enjoyable one!

This 10-hour per week course is held from 9:00 to 11:00 am or from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. and is aimed at beginners.

REGISTRATION Fee per student (one-time life payment)  $75.00 Usd

Weekly Spanish Programs:
Weekly fees are 1-3 weeks 4-7 weeks or 8-12 weeks.    Hours Per Week
Spanish for Traveling 100 $Usd  100 $Usd   —                10 hours
Spanish for Everyone 150 $Usd  135 $Usd  120 $Usd     3-15 hrs
Intensive Spanish 200 $Usd 180 $Usd 160 $Usd             20 hours

For more information visit our website at Puerto Morelos Language Center

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION about our Spanish Classes.   If your reasons for learning Spanish are:
* Traveling
* Educative Vacation
* Fun
* Retiring in a Spanish speaking community
* Academic or Professional, we will make sure you find a tailored made program to meet your needs!


Spanish Classes for Everyone
Our semi-intensive course gives you the opportunity to enjoy a full program and have time for fun or relaxation. This 15-hour per week course is aimed at all levels, from beginner to advanced.  Classes are held from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Spanish for Traveling
This course will introduce you to a quick and fun conversational method to get by when traveling in Latin America. This course targets only the minimum basic Spanish needed for you to travel and feel comfortable in a Spanish-speaking country. Emphasis will be on easy role-play dialogs in everyday traveling situations.
This 10-hour per week course is held from 8:00 to 10:00 am or from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. and is aimed at beginners.

The Intensive Spanish Course covers twenty-five hours of formal instruction per week and consists of  3 hours per day of group Spanish Classes emphasizing the four skills of a language:  speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

• 2 hours per day of Guided Conversation Workshop. Lessons present real situations, taking into account the immediate communicative needs of the students. The small class size (5 students per class) and low anxiety atmosphere improve the language learning experience. This program is recommended for students with a minimum age of 16.

The aim of this course is to improve key four main communication skills: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and introduce students to elements of Mayan culture and Sun & Fun activities. The course focuses on communication using lively and varied techniques.


One-One Program – This course is recommended for those people who are looking for a real “tailor-made program” that meets their professional language needs or just their social needs of language communications.

The content of each One on One course is adapted to the specific needs of each participant.  The program can be held 365 days a year, weekends and holidays included. The time frame of the program will be tailored according to each student’s availability time. For tailor-made budgets, do contact us.

Spanish classes for Professionals for 12 to 15 hrs:
1-3 weeks 250 $Usd per week
4-7 weeks 225 $Usd per week
8-12 weeks 200 $Usd per week

POTENTIAL SAVINGS: * Package Deals – A great time and money saver.  We can also provide our students’ Packages including classes and tours on a private basis, which are available and are more easily structured than you can imagine!

You can visit the region of Yucatan, the Riviera Maya, and get to know a lot of the charm and treasures of the Mexican Caribe.

The Language Team
Academic Director: Victor Alcazar
Organizing Team: Victor, Marilu, Andres & Marlinda

For any further information,  Contact Us.  

Learn Spanish in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Study Spanish at our school.  Take Spanish classes and Spanish lessons in Mexico.